10 Best FreshBooks Alternatives of Invoicing

From freelancers and small business owners to big companies, invoicing is an inevitable part of fiscal management of a business venture. Therefore, creating a professional looking invoice is essential to enhance the business ‘wow’-factor among the potential clients that causes steady cash flow as an outcome. 

Essentially, invoicing is a pure bliss when it comes to revenue generation, but this could be equally backbreaking and tedious if done manually. An automated process could be of help as that would simplify and streamline this inescapable invoicing process. And, when one thinks of a hassle-free clean interface along with responsive customer support, Freshbook is certainly a wider choice.

But surely not all businesses under the sun won’t find this online invoicing platform compatible though it has 60% users in the US, 15% in Canada and 5% in the UK. Hence, that brings about the need for some affordable and easy-to-use alternatives to Freshbooks.

But before we look for other invoicing substitutes, let’s discuss what makes Freshbooks one of the popular invoicing software.

What Makes Freshbooks Stand Out From Others?

Founded in 2004, this Toronto-based company introduced this subscription-based accounting software that provides invoicing facilities to both small and medium-sized businesses. This web-based SaaS model can be accessed through desktop and mobile devices. As per the data illustrated by Techcrunch, Freshbooks has served over 30 million customers in 160 countries.

Let’s take a look at some of its features that makes its quite impressive among millions of users:

  • A responsive interface with industry-standard double-entry accounting system.
  • Cloud-enabled stringent security protocol that protects sensitive financial data.
  • Automatic tax computation and quick online invoicing with several cashless payment gateways.
  • Generates customizable and multi-language invoices with automated features like payment reminders, late fees, duplicate invoice creation, etc.
  • Seamless multi-currency billing, upfront requisition for depositi, easy discounting, accepts credit cards, and tracks inventory.

Despite the above features, Freshbooks may seem expensive or complicated to many other businesses. But thankfully, there’s no shortage of affordable alternatives that offer a stiff competition.

Best Freshbooks Alternatives For Invoicing

After extensive research, we have rounded up a list of 15 best substitutes that will get you going with invoicing just the way you want. Let’s explore!

FreshBooks Alternative #1. Billbooks

This cloud-based invoicing software and app was established in 2012 and was voted in 2014 to be in ‘The Top 10 List’. This simply works great for freelancers and small businesses as it makes invoicing effortless with its easy-to-use interface. From managing inventory, tracking invoices and setting reminders to recovering and creating invoices, getting things done is just a matter of a few clicks. 

It simply requires 60 seconds to create professional-looking invoices and hence, it saves a lot of time, thereby ensuring you get enough time to devote in your business development. Probably, its seamless and hassle-free operation makes it quite a preferable option for nearly 296 businesses of various types across over 140 countries.

Let’s take a sneak-peak into its various features that make it a favorable alternative to Freshbook!

Billbooks Features:
  • 256-bit SSL encryption ensures total security of clientele data and the SaaS model makes hassle-free installation. Simply turn on your internet, sign up and get going with your business finances.
  • No need for multiple accounts or login details for managing multiple companies and clients, as Billbooks offers the ease of doing it through single login detail. 
  • Keep an eye on your business growth and latest activities like expenses, sales and receipts through an intuitive dashboard that shares a quick snapshot of your business details.
  • With its auto-complete features it saves a lot more time in filling up each and every detail manually. 
  • Additionally, what makes Billbooks a preferable option is its integrated payment options. The secured payment gateways like PayPal, Amex, Strip, 2CheckOut, credit, debit and visa card makes the payment process seamless and way faster.
  • Bookkeeping, client and stock management is easier with Billbooks.
  • Tracking invoices is much simpler and easy with Billbooks as you get notification alerts when your client opens up the invoices sent to them.
  • Billbooks offers the freedom to work with international clients as you don’t have to worry about the currency factor. It supports multiple currencies and you just need to switch on to the required one during the procurement process.
  • Besides easy transaction tracking, you send your invoices on-the-go. Apart from desktop, Billbooks is both Android and iOS compatible. Therefore, no matter where you are you can send the invoices from your mobile app right aways without any delay.
  • Additionally, Billbooks has affordable pricing plans with a 30-days free trial option that fits the small business requirements.

FreshBooks Alternative #2. Zoho Invoice

ZOHO is a powerful and unique software suite that was established in 1996 and is designed for businesses of all sizes. This unified cloud software is a pretty secured platform that improves organizational efficiency and is predominantly meant for maintaining cash flow effortlessly. 

Robust reporting is one of its best features and the other add-ons are contact management, time tracking and automated banking feeds. Besides, this cost-effective software ensures a better bet than Freshbooks, if you’re looking for something that would provide a high-performance and quality platform. Probably due to all the above factors it serves a long-term commitment towards its clients and already has 70 million users globally besides serving over 180 countries.

Zoho invoice Features:
  • Automatic bank feed eases data entry, while overall UI makes adding items to the bills easier which in turn allows you to send invoices faster.
  • Online payment processing is easy no matter where the clients are located.
  • The minuscule version of the app allows to maintain a centralized place for easy follow up and it requires minimum time to set up.
  • It helps in managing stock and inventory efficiently besides effortless invoicing and also makes sending and tracking invoices super easy.
  • It is integrated with Stripe, charges customers in local currency, automates follow ups and allows preview to avoid incorrect transaction processing.
  • Additionally, its pricing plans are a great fit for small businesses and offer 14-days free trial.

FreshBooks Alternative #3. Hiveage

If Freshbooks tops the list in terms of expertise in business invoicing, Hiveage proves to be an unbeatable option in terms of user satisfaction. This invoicing and billing software highlights a SaaS model that was launched in 2014 and since then they have been serving over 65,000 small businesses spread across over 150 countries.

Starting from creating invoices and estimates to generating expense reports and payment receipts, Hiveage is an all-in-one business financing platform with an easy user interface. Moreover, managing multiple businesses is not a headache anymore, as it provides a single account for different access levels.

Hiveage Features:
  • Billing and tracking expenses along with creating professional invoices with easy tax integration is possible with Hiveage software.
  • Hiveage takes care of tedious business financing tasks like payment reminders, billing, scheduling, backup, by automating them, thereby saving around 80-hours a month that can be invested in other crucial business processes.
  • It sends free quotes to the clients, offers dozens of payment getaways with built-in payment options and also provides real-time reports on business expenses, income and other data.
  • This cloud-based invoicing software is web-enabled that ensures easy installing, available as native mobile app and is compatible for Android and iOS devices.
  • The app is easily portable as it can be used as APIto import and export data and report as CSV files. 
  • It also saves time in entries, as it takes care of extra taxes and fees. Moreover, it provides a 14-days free trial option where one can send unlimited invoices to upto 5 clients. Depending upon the transaction value the pricing may vary between $15 to $79 per month.

FreshBooks Alternative #4. InvoiceBerry

Invoiceberry is a simple online invoicing platform that is one of the favorable alternatives to Freshbooks as it offers several easy going features. Creating estimates and converting it into invoice, tracking expenses, sending payment reminders, etc., are some of its mentionable highlights that are offered at pocket-friendly pricing plans. 

This software is quite easy for freelancers, small businesses and sole traders to use and ensures all data is 256 AES SSL encrypted thereby providing a safe and secure platform.

Invoiceberry Features:
  • The most amazing feature of this online invoicing software is that one can download 15 different types of invoices and customize those as per requirement without even installation and sign-up.
  • Online payment integration like Stripe and PayPal ensures easy and secure payment without delay.
  • One creates and sends invoices in just 60 seconds and it is also easy and effortless to sync the invoice data, payment record and balance sheet in real-time.
  • You can email to download invoices from the account itself. Moreover, as people all across the globe and all walks of professions can access this software, you can choose language as per your or customer’s preference.
  • It has some really budget-friendly plans and offers 14-days free trial with no limitation to features or clients. Their Pro version comes in $30 per month.

FreshBooks Alternative #5. Harvest

Founded in 2016 this online invoicing platform is an unbeatable option as an alternative to Freshbooks for its effective time-tracking feature. It helps boost your cash flow and identifies the wasteful effort that is eating up your budget through an efficient monitoring system. It generates reports of all billable and non-billable hours for easy tracking of business production. It also provides an overall view of all the invoices and provides an organized data of the yearly revenue through invoicing graphs. This software makes one of the most preferred options for most of the freelancer and small businesses as it fortes time management, team management, effortless billing, etc.

Harvest Features:
  • A robust reporting tool that shares every detail of effort spent and revenue generated.
  • Intuitive visual report summarizing timesheet data and project status helps in effective team management and boosting business growth.
  • The software is integrated with Google applications, Trello, PayPal, Slack and more. Moreover the software also highlights its compatibility with all Android, iOS and Mac devices making it easily accessible.
  • Additionally, it tracks billable hours, creates and sends invoices effortlessly and alerts for budget shootouts and payment dates.

Freshbooks Alternative #6. Quickbooks Online

An America based company, Intuit founded in 1938 specializing in financial software gave birth to Quickbooks Online, an accounting software package. This invoicing software has been in the market and is known for its automated and simple process making it a preferable option over Freshbooks.

This software not just supports invoicing but also serves multiple other sectors including banking as well. Quickbook Online is designed for growing businesses and is quite easy to access. Moreover, it highlights excellent vendor and customer management capabilities. Talkin about pricing factors, Freshbook and Quickbooks are pretty similar unlike their other system functions.

Quickbooks Online Features:

  • First and foremost, it’s easy to get started quickly with Quickbooks Online even with minimal information. 
  • You can access most of its functionalities offline and helps you with the following functions like:
    1. Expense and income tracking
    2. Invoicing
    3. Estimate making
    4. Accept receipt
    5. Taxation
    6. Reporting
  • Going further deeper, Quickbooks Online offers a unique bill tracking feature that helps monitoring both outstanding and overdue bills in real-time.
  • It’s even easy to clock your business trips with its mileage tracking functionality.
  • You can even customize your reports whenever you want by scheduling an organized calendar.
  • It’s even as simple as any other software to track your delayed payments by setting due date reminders.
  • Besides tracking your expenses and income you can even set a hawk eye vision to your business profit and loss with just a few clicks.
  • The software provides batch invoicing for larger firms and extends a 30-days free trial for beginners, and also offers affordable pricing that  starts from $12 per month.

Freshbooks Alternative #7. Xero

Xero is a New Zealand-based public technology company founded in 2006 and known for its cloud-based accounting software designed for small and medium businesses. This app is known to be the handiest software for multiple purposes like invoicing, bank reconciliation, billing, payroll, updating inventory, taxations, reporting and what not.

It is better known for its wide varieties of integrated applications that makes market connectivity seamless and hassle-free. Moreover, just like Freshbook, Xero also enables you to accept online payments and sends your update once your clients open the online invoice. Additionally, its time-saving features makes it an ideal choice for those looking for an invoicing alternative to freshbooks for business financial management.

Xero Features:

  • First and foremost, Xero ensures wide exposure to over 800 apps and offers connectivity with Zapier. 
  • Besides excellent invoicing, it also offers great customer and vendor management and easy time-tracking. 
  • It provides a smart list of features and most of them can be monitored on the dashboard itself.
  • Managing payments has got simpler with Xero as it allows payment scheduling and bank transaction verification effortless.
  • Besides easy bank reconciliation, global transactions are made easy with Xero as it provides accurate currency conversion with its Multiple Currency feature.
  • Dealing with taxes is a real headache, but not anymore. As this software manages payroll and modifies taxes for over 20 states by automating the entire process.
  • The ‘Pay Now’ button on the invoice allows your clients to clear the payment instantly to avoid the risk of delayed payment.
  • Lastly, Xero offers 30-days free trial along with three exclusive plans for freelancers (Early– $9/month), small businesses (Growing– $30/month) and growing businesses ( Established– $60/month).

Freshbooks Alternative #8. Wave

Wave is a Toronto based company that provides financial services and software to small businesses which was founded in 2009. This compact software package is a great alternative to Freshbooks that syncs all your bank account, expense statement and balance sheet besides fulfilling all your invoicing needs.

This cloud-based software predominantly streamlines the invoicing process not only for small businesses, but also for entrepreneurs and freelancers. From accounting, payroll clearance, timely payment to invoice tracking and reporting, this software ensures super easy finance management. 

Not only does it help in creating professional invoices but also assist unlimited clients completely for free. Also, get a jargon-free dashboard for seamless and hassle-free business management.

Wave Features:

  • Invoicing is pretty simple and user-friendly. 
  • Provides instant notification or alerts for invoice delivery, invoice viewed and payment done.
  • Facilitates wise decision making with the help of its month-on-month and year-on-year reports.
  • Facilitates easy invoice payment via credit cards or through bank transaction by charging just 1% processing fee.
  • Simplifies expense and income tracking and provides receipt scanning tools and good bank connectivity.
  • Simple drag and drop ensures easy invoice content filling.
  • Compatible for both Android and iOS devices.
  • No set-up or monthly fees required.

Freshbooks Alternative #9. AND.CO

AND.CO presently known as Fiverr Workspace is a business management software that ensures effortless invoicing in just 20 seconds. This software not only provides business aid to the small business, but also to the entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers.

This is a great alternative to Freshbooks that serves as a one-stop solution for invoicing. But, it also helps in time-tracking, proposals, contract, task management, expense and income monitoring as well.

From zoologist to painter, this software serves independent contractors as well as freelancers. Besides, it makes creating recurring invoices effortless and keeps your sensitive information secured as they do not save your banking details.

AND.CO (Fiverr Workspace) Features:

  • It claims to be a smart yet efficient alternative to Freshbooks that tracks time and puts it in your invoice without need of manual implementation.
  • It lets you manage unlimited contracts and customizes them with minimum effort.
  • Automates recurring payment and sets reminders for overdue payments to make your business finances way more manageable.
  • Besides invoicing, it also assists in creating attractive proposals by inserting company logos, images, custom slides and embedding contracts.
  • Logging in to the app and monitoring cash flow is way more easier.
  • Its Personal Chief Operator, answers all your queries and helps you run your business even when you are on the go.
  • It offers a free trial and PRO subscription with a 30-days money back guarantee. And, charges $18 monthly that gets refunded once you cancel your membership.

Freshbooks Alternative #10. ZipBooks

Zipbooks is an American-based accounting software company established in 2015 by Tim Chaves. This robust cloud-based software offers 100% user satisfaction to the entrepreneurs, small business owners and enterprises. 

This offers seamless and quick invoicing and allows its users to opt for basic features absolutely for free. They only charge for third-party services. Besides unlimited invoicing, it ensures effortless payment processing, expense management, time-tracking, creating recurring invoices, etc., thereby keeping your cash flow steady and accounting records clean.

Zipbooks Features:

  • It helps in promoting your brand by creating professional invoices and allowing you to send them on the go.
  • It also helps tracking expenses and income, and ensures easy monitoring of all outstanding payments.
  • Offers excellent customer service with quick and instant response.
  • Integrated payments systems like PayPal, Square along with card payment options allow easy and fast payment processing.
  • Automated recurring payment process ensures easy way to send invoices on weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual basis.
  • Efficient time tracking tools allows you to track your task completion and lets you to mark the rate appropriately.
  • Taxation is also taken care of, hence, calculating taxes has got easier with Zipbooks.
  • It offers excellent pricing plans that start from 15$, 35$, 135$ per month along with 30-days free trial. Manage unlimited clients and send unlimited invoices just for free with the starter plans.

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