Alan Neilson

Alan Neilson

Afternoon Coffee Memes

A person in a coffee-themed superhero costume, flying through the air with a coffee mug as their emblem.

Welcome to the world of afternoon coffee memes. If you’re tired in the afternoon, these memes will make you laugh and remind you that you’re not alone. They celebrate the power of coffee to turn tired people into unstoppable forces.…

Names of the Keyboard Symbols


There are a lot of symbols on a computer keyboard, but not all of them are letters or numbers. Here’s a guide to all the symbols you use but don’t know the name of. Order Symbol Name 1 ~ Tilde…

10 Best FreshBooks Alternatives of Invoicing


From freelancers and small business owners to big companies, invoicing is an inevitable part of fiscal management of a business venture. Therefore, creating a professional looking invoice is essential to enhance the business ‘wow’-factor among the potential clients that causes…