Where to Find Dogs and Puppies for Sale Near You (Australia)

Puppies are love! They give you true love vibes and their loyalty is always unquestionable.

They are cute, innocent, loyal, good followers, and above all love you unconditionally. So dogs and puppies are a complete package of human emotions in a dog’s body to take away your loneliness. At times, they can be your best friend too.

But the question here arises where to find these little loyal buddies? Well, in the internet age buying everything goes online – be it homes, clothes, groceries, medicines, and whatnot.

So, whyn’t dogs and puppies be bought from an online website? Yup! Here we’re to help you with the Top 10 websites in Australia where you can find your pawed friend.

Farm Tender

A Standalone Website To Buy Farm Dogs And Other Farm Essentials

Here on Farm Tender, you may find everything and anything related to farming. They strive to provide next-level services to farmers.

It has everything that a farmer needs, be it new machinery, farm implements, animal products, chemicals, or fertilizers. Besides that, dog lovers may find different breeds of Farm dogs and puppies for sale. The purpose is to send them a perfectly homely place. The prices are also quite reasonable because the motto is not only to earn money but to serve.

The marketplace listing page of the website gives you quick access to complete details about the dog breed and other farming essentials. Meanwhile lets you explore the online market of buying and selling farm things, all under one roof.

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Puppies And Other Supplies For Sale Australia

Gumtree is not just about pets; instead, it has a broader approach to creating a platform where one can buy Cars, Real Estate, homes and gardens, Babies and children, Sports and fitness, Clothing, jewelry, and much more.

Talking about pets here, Gumtree allows you to register anyone and start selling or buying pets in no time. The process of registration is simple without asking for a single penny. The payment system also keeps it easy and for almost all the digital payment gateways. As per the official website of Gumtree, 7 million+ subscribers love to trade here.

The website is very clear in its vision that the idea is to confine within  Australia and to provide a safe and prosperous marketplace where one can find almost all the products and services under one roof.

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Start Pet Search From Top Rated Website

This one is a very popular website in Australia and that is evident from its more than a million views every month.

The website provides you with various filters like breed, minimum age, maximum age, price, and location which makes your search more focused.

Along with that, this website lets you dive into the pet world where you can buy Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, and more with other services as well.

If you love pets, rescue pets have got you covered with big ones, little ones, furry ones, wriggly ones, and whatever you love. They have all the types and breeds of dogs and cats.

They are pet lovers too. Hence more than sales and bucks, they work hard for the adoption of pets.

On the homepage of the website only, you will find a list of puppies and pets for sale with all the necessary details. Creating your account here is free of charge. The helpline number is also given which is available round the clock.

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Finding the best canine companion made easy

Birds, Puppies, Kittens, Cats, Dogs, Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Fish, and much more livestock can be sold here.

On the homepage of the website, you may find all the livestock are organized category-wise. This helps the visitor of the website to pick his interests. This is a free website that allows you to create your unique account.

So if you want to sell your pet or buy a new one, this is the place you need to visit. Since everything is arranged as per the category, picking your loved one is easy and not a daunting task.

To explore any particular category you just need to click on the category name and you’ll be taken into details. You will find all the related listings for sale.

Even location and date can be seen from the outside window only. These key features prove helpful for the buyers to make an informed and right decision.

Furthermore, when you enter a particular ad, it contains details about the pet’s age, email for contact, Address, the date on which the ad was posted, and its key features.

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Dedicated Organisation To Help Pets Reach Home

Another wonderful destination for acquiring healthy and happy puppies, dogs, and other domestic animals, is Perfect Pets. It is a perfectly curated website that begins with information about themselves. (Must visit the website).

The idea behind the execution of the website is to create a platform where all the verified breeders, pet animal service providers, and rescue teams come together. The motto is to serve and charge a minimal price in exchange.

Here more than business, animal welfare is important. It is not that they don’t charge (of course it is essential for the bread and butter of life) but they give priority to human behaviour with cute little animals.

Registering here is a one-step addition task as compared to other similar websites because they work in alliance with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) to ensure safe and verified buying and selling of pets.

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Home For Quality Breed Dogs For Sale:

Dogs Online is an Australian purebred Dog marketplace that strives to connect healthy puppies with good genetics to caring families.

Through their partnership with MadPaws, Dogzonline serves as a one-stop shop for dog lovers.

The listing on the website provides quick options to find the perfect canine companion. Just select the location you are looking for pups and start your search by clicking on your favorite breed. Browse through all the options available for the selected dog breed type.


Presenting Love And Care For Dogs And Pups

Petrescue.com.au is a well-known organization and an award winner for Outstanding Achievement in The Australian Charity Awards 2021. Also, they commit to finding decent homes for every pet they adopt.

With a mission to care for and understand pets, they are running the Safe & Sound Pounds initiative – taking advantage of capabilities as digital innovators and animal welfare while creating a slew of beneficial solutions that will keep pets safe in the states.

Pet Rescue provides free search and adoption services Australia-wide to save pets’ lives and give them the happy and quality life they deserve.


A Trusted Place To Find Furry Friend

The name of the website says it all. This is an aggregator to brings the buyer and seller on one platform to adopt lovely and cute pets.

Pups4sale is a directory of dogs and puppies that exists online. They are aligned with rescue organizations and dog breeders to connect them with pet admirers. One may find a wide range of breeds and a variety of puppies of different ages.

The best part of this website is that it connects beyond the boundaries of Australia. Say if a breeder is located in Melbourne and a person who wishes to adopt him resides in Sydney, pups4sale has you covered.

The list of breeds you can buy here is too long including all types of Purebred, Cross-breed, Miniature dogs, and Big Macho dogs.

So, whenever you feel like having a pet at home, go to the website and adopt the one in just a few clicks.


Find Healthy Puppies For Sweet Home

With the initiative to match the right paw to a verified breeder, the Right paw is created by Vets and breeders to create a significant difference in animal welfare.

The website and application have all to make the search for pups “safe and convenient”.

Getting started with the Right Paw app is also simpler. Sign up to establish a breed listing for your dog or cat, or let right paw people do it for you!

Once your listing has been created, book a verification call with the team. Use social media to share your profile with other applicants.

By allowing you to receive puppy applications in one place (in-app inbox), the online website and app will make it easier for you to handle your inquiries and application process.


Connecting Pet Lovers With Breeders Around The World

Go to Petsforhomes and find your next buddy. It is a trustworthy and easily accessible way to bring home an awesome furry friend.

You can be assured of protection from spammers and fake Ads because the website only promotes genuine buy and sell Ads. hence one of the safest options for all pet buyers through a constant review system.

Plus, every breeder who wants to post on the site has to pass through a system of verification. This means buyers deal with authentic breeders only.

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