Essential Oils That Treat Warts

Get Rid of Warts Using Essential Oils

Wart is something that you won’t even come to know until it appears on the skin.

Warts are small growth on the skin that is caused due to virus belonging to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) family.

Warts are generally harmless except genital warts which can be a serious problem. However, the pain, discomfort and the way it looks can cause a problem.

Warts are also contagious, they can spread within your body parts and even to other people. Hence, getting treated is sensible.

After years of research, it is proven that warts can be killed with the help of essential oils. Yes, essential oils have many benefits and study shows that it is effective in removing warts too[1].

This home remedy for removing warts requires dedication and time but is really effective in eradicating the virus.

Warts are commonly formed on fingers, face, and feet which makes it quite visible.

Dilute the essential oils properly before they get in contact with your skin. Use a cotton ball to soak the diluted form of essential oil and apply it to the affected skin.

Now out of myriads of types of essential oils, which works the best to kill warts?

We have an answer for it. Here is the list of essential oil options that will help in wart removal:

Neem Essential Oil

As we all know neem is a herb that is very effective for many health problems.

It’s been a traditional Indian medicine, mostly used in ayurvedic to treat different kinds of skin issues.

And now in the form of essential oil neem is said to work wonders on warts.

Neem possesses antifungal and antiviral properties which are great for removing the virus-causing wart.

The compounds present in neem get into the virus and stops it from spreading more.

Since neem is being used in many beauty products, neem essential oil can also help in making your skin healthy and fresh.

You can dilute neem with any carrier oil. Jojoba oil can be a great option to mix with neem essential oil and treat warts.

Clove Essential Oil

Just like neem, even clove is a known medicinal ingredient from ancient history.

Widely used as a spice ingredient in cooking and is being used as a natural remedy to treat many ailments.

Extracted from a dry flower blossom, the amazing healing properties of clove essential oil are also best for getting rid of warts.

The antiseptic properties of clove have the power to numb the skin and remove painful warts.

Clove oil also contains antiviral properties that help to kill the virus much faster.

Remember, if anyone is suffering from bleeding disorders then avoid using clove essential oil.

Dilute clove essential oil with any suitable carrier oil and apply it on the affected area at least two times a day.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

With powerful antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic properties, tea tree essential oil is one of the ideal choices to naturally treat warts.

Extracted from an Australian bush, this essential oil heals the wound fast and fights off the viruses that cause warts.

It also helps in reducing the pain which is caused due to warts. It is the best remedy for treating genital warts.

If the tea tree essential oil is highly concentrated then you need to dilute it with any suitable carrier oil.

Coconut oil can be an ideal blend for tea tree essential oil. It will take a few months to remove warts. For best results, apply the oil twice a day.

Oregano Essential Oil

Extracted from a flowering plant, belonging to the mint family, Oregano is not only a popular ingredient in cooking but also an effective natural remedy for warts.

Oregano essential oil contains anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties which are powerful for killing the pain caused due to warts.

This oil goes deep into the tissues and kills the virus. It can completely eradicate the HPV virus and make your skin appear healthy. It’s best for treating plantar warts.

You need to mandatorily use oregano essential oil in the diluted form as it is highly concentrated.

You can use carrier oil like coconut oil for treating warts. For the best results apply the diluted form of oregano oil from 2 to 4 times a day.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Popular among aromatherapy and home remedies, frankincense essential oil, frankincense essential oil has an ancient history of medical benefits.

Its wound-healing, astringent, and antimicrobial compound help to treat and fully remove warts.

This oil also boosts the immune system and helps to treat other skin infections. Do not use this oil if you are pregnant or are taking medications for blood thinning.

Blend frankincense essential with a good amount of carrier oil and then apply it on your skin with a cotton ball.

Follow the process, at least 2 times a day to remove the warts and kill the virus.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Popularly used as a spice ingredient in cooking, cinnamon is also known as a traditional medicine to treat many ailments, right from ancient times.

Extracted from the bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree, this essential oil is quite popular for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which makes it a good option to treat painful warts.

Pregnant ladies should avoid using cinnamon bark essential oil.

Dilute the essential oil with a suitable carrier oil and apply it on the infected skin two times a day and notice the changes within a few months.

Essential oils do have soothing effects on the skin but if you are allergic to anything that affects the skin, make sure you consult your doctor before using essential oil.

Best Blend to Treat Warts

Blending will increase the power of healing so here is the best blend to eliminate warts quickly:

10 drops of oregano oil + 10 drops of frankincense oil + 10 drops of tea tree oil with carrier oil coconut oil 1 tablespoon and also apple cedar and vinegar 1 tablespoon each.

Now blend all this together and store it in a glass dropper.

Put 3 drops of the mixture on a cotton ball and apply it on the affected areas.

Repeat this remedy till you find the warts have completely vanished.

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