Quit Smoking! Essential Oils to the Rescue

Smoking is injurious to health, it’s not just a statutory warning it is life-threatening reality but yet people are under unhealthy confidence that they just can’t pull them down and find it hard to quit. Withdrawal of nicotine might be difficult but not impossible if you really love your life. This unhealthy craving damages your lungs and also steals your life from you. It’s like committing suicide. In fact, you are draining your money to kill yourself. I am pretty sure that every smoker knows that how cigarettes but somewhere they lack that willpower and determination and fall into the trap again and again. However, there is a solution for everything as they say when there is a will there is a way.  

Most of the time it is not the difficulty of leaving cigarettes, it is the difficulty of later symptoms that the smokers are afraid of due to which they feel reluctant to quit smoking. The best and a natural solution to this is aromatherapy. Not much known to many but essential oils can work wonders in withdrawing the symptoms after you’ve decided to quit smoking. It dramatically can reduce this bad habit and even turn you into a non-smoker. Once you decide to quit smoking, the situation becomes stressful and here is when aromatherapy shows its true magic.

There have been several studies that show how essential oils are effective on nicotine cravings. Just inhaling one drop of essential oil can curb down your smoking addiction. Once you have started with getting rid of cigarettes, identify your withdrawal symptoms. Get to know what do you feel like, are you getting the feeling of anxiety? Are you nervous? Feeling restless or stressed? Whatever the feeling, sensation or symptom is, the essential oil can be really beneficial and help you to win the battle against the addiction.

Best Essential Oils for quitting smoking

Here are some time tested and very effective essential oils to quit smoking.

Black pepper essential oil

Yes, after hearing this you will certainly feel strange but this is one powerful ingredient to help you cut down your addiction to smoking.  Inhaling black pepper essential oil can reduce your desire for nicotine. It is widely used in India and many parts of Asia as spices and is also available as essential oil for many health benefits which also include curbing the smoking craving. It also helps in reducing anxiety which is a symptom related to the consumption of nicotine. It also decreases the degree of sensation in the chest to greater level which shows how effective it is. Black pepper essential oil possess anti-anxiety properties which again benefits the nicotine quitters.

Do not internal consume the essential oil without diluting it, especially if you have any medical problem.

Roman Chamomile essential oil

Relieve the feeling of agitation with Roman Chamomile essential oil. It’s a fantastic natural remedy to quit smoking and benefit your health. It is used in many body care recipes as it holds many health benefits. You can inhale it throughout the day to fight restlessness. It also helps to fight anxiety and depression and gives a sense of relaxation. Many of symptoms post you quit smoking is effectively reduced with Roman Chamomile essential oil. You can blend it with neroli and lavender essential oil and dramatically reduce anxiety levels. This essential oil also fights insomnia and promote healthy and sound sleep.

Angelica essential oil

Popularly known as the oil of angels because of its magical healing properties. Just like black pepper essential oil, angelica essential oil also is very effective to help in quit smoking. It is a potent remedy for chewers and nicotine smokers. Even through scientific studies, it is proven that angelica root essential oil is best to get rid of smoking addiction. It calms and reduces the feeling of anxiety.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential is most commonly know for treating headache and headache is most commonly associated with nicotine smokers. It is one most common symptoms of smoking and hence rosemary essential oil can be really beneficial in treating this kind of headache. Your badly craving for cigarette, once you decided to quit can give you severe headaches. Fortunately, rosemary essential oil can help you to stay strong in such difficult situations. It decreases your urge to a greater level and also helps in slowly reducing stress and anxiety. It lifts up your mood and makes you feel relaxed. Blend it with any carrier oil like eucalyptus and apply it on your chest, forehead and back of neck to witness relief.

Lavender essential oil

Nausea and cramping is something which can really be painful while nicotine withdrawal. Low energy, irritation, unhealthy functioning of the body, everything can be greatly treated by lavender essential oil. This essential oil is the most suitable choice to clear the digestive issues and stomach upset. Lavender essential oil works as a great stress relief while you quit smoking. It also makes you feel refreshing and improves your appetite. Your commitment of quitting will be positively accompanied with lavender essential oil.

Lemon essential oil

Smoking and coughing are likely associated with each other. The best essential oil to make you stop coughing all the time is lemon essential oil. It eliminates the mucus that gets formed in the throat and respiratory passages which causes cough and sore throat. With lemon essential oil it becomes easy and clear to breathe. It is more suitable to fight throat infection that is caused due to frequent smoking.

Orange essential oil

The much-required relaxation and for boosting mood orange essential oil works the best. I is ideal choice for those the quitters who undergo irritation. The aroma which it releases calms the irritation.

Even cedarwood essential oil works the same as the orange essential oil. Apart from the above, the other effective essential oils for smoking quitters are tea tree essential which works similar to lemon essential to clear sore throat and cough. Eucalyptus essential oil which works best for headaches and peppermint essential oil which is good for intestinal issues.

Smoking is a horrible addiction and if you can get rid of it in such a natural way, you should definitely give it a try.

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