Essential Oils for Tinnitus

Are you suffering from tinnitus?

15 to 20 per cent people around the world often hear a ringing sound in the ears and this condition is called tinnitus.

Not just ringing, sometimes the person may also hear hissing, whistling or roaring noise. The major causes of this problem are excessive exposure to noise, neck injury or ear infection. 

It is not usually a serious hearing condition and in most cases, it heals over time but it does affect your lifestyle. If you want to cope up with the sound and lessen the symptoms of tinnitus then there is an effective natural remedy.

According to research, essential oils can reduce the intensity of the tinnitus and give you major relief. The pain, discomfort and irritation caused to tinnitus in your ears can be eliminated with suitable essential oils.

This aromatherapy has been used from centuries to heal many kinds of health problems and pain. The essential oils have a variety of properties that have proven to effective on tinnitus.

You can mix the essential oil with any carrier oil like olive or jojoba oil and apply it to get relieved from tinnitus. For best results and safety, it is recommended to apply the diluted form of essential oil on the earlobe, the neck area by the ear, on the outer ear canal, or behind the ear. 

Best Essential Oils for Tinnitus

There are many types of essential oils available in the market but not every oil will help in relieving tinnitus. We have listed some specific essential oils that would work best for reducing or even eliminating the symptoms of tinnitus.

Helichrysum essential oil

Tinnitus is often related to discomfort and throbbing sensation. This problem can be relieved with the help of  Helichrysum essential oil.

This oil contains antibacterial properties which make it powerful to reduce inflammation and repair blood vessels.

Helichrysum also helps to reduce the pressure that accumulates near the ear. It soothes the nerves of ears and neck.

Physical scars can also be reduced with Helichrysum essential oil. It even drains the excess fluid built in the body which further prevents the building up of earwax. 

Juniper essential oil

Known as a detoxifier, juniper essential oil works to reduce the blood pressure and cleanse the blood.

All the toxins from the body get released by juniper essential oil.  It is majorly used to treat tinnitus due to its great detoxifying action.

Remember, juniper essential oil is not stated as an approved usage for women who are pregnant. So please avoid using this essential oil during pregnancy.

Patchouli essential oil

Extracted from the Labiatae family plant, patchouli essential oil with its circulatory and draining properties works best on tinnitus.

This oil is not much known for its medicinal value but is popular for its scented smell. Patchouli essential oil mature with time, it becomes powerful and more fragrant with every passing year. This plant extract is highly recommended for tinnitus relief.

Basil essential oil

A traditional ingredient, used from thousands of years as a healing solution, basil is also effective in treating tinnitus.

Basil essential oil is an antispasmodic which means it smoothens the muscle cells and reduces the throbbing sensation. This essential oil also has an antimicrobial effect. This essential oil is also useful to heal the wound.

Since this oil contains hight estragole content, it is not recommended for pregnant ladies. It is also not recommended for infants and children.

Cypress essential oil

Another popular essential oil to relieve tinnitus is cypress. It stimulates blood circulation and soothes the nervous system.

Blood circulation problem is greatly benefited by cypress essential oil. Pulsing tinnitus problem is also solved with this essential oil.

One of the main benefits of cypress is it extensively reduces the intensity of ringing sound in the ears.

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense, essential oil from the middle east with mild fragrance is quite effective for tinnitus. The anti inflammatory properties of frankincense essential oil repairs and regenerates the ear tissues.

It also cuts-down the growth of bacteria inside the ears. The slightly lemon fragmented oil also oxygenates the brain. You can massage this oil behind the ear and on the earlobe.

Petitgrain essential oil

Known for its calming and aromatic effect, petitgrain essential oil helps in rejuvenating the senses and uplifting the physical and emotional changes that occur due to tinnitus.

Its powerful calming effects relieves the pain while it acts as antispasmodic which helps in dealing with muscle contraction caused due to tinnitus.

Lavender essential oil

This is one essential oil with numerous health benefits. Lavender essential oil is popular for its calming effects and floral fragrance. It effectively relaxes your mind, body and soul.

The factors that increase the intensity of tinnitus like stress, anxiety, tension, fear can all be calmed with the help of lavender essential oil.

It also helps in decreasing blood pressure. If you are already taking medication for high blood pressure, make sure you limit the usage of lavender essential oil.

The anti inflammatory properties of this essential oil can be specifically used to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. 

Lilies essential oil

Another sweet smelling essential oil suggested for tinnitus is lilies essential oil. Due to its powerful anti inflammatory properties, this essential oil is especially recommended for tinnitus as it extensively reduces earache. It also reduces the discomfort caused due to tinnitus. 

Other well-known essential oils for tinnitus

  • Castor Oil
  • Rehmannia Oil
  • Garlic essential Oil
  • Onion essential oil
  • Spotted orchis oil
  • Ginseng essential oil

Other benefits of essential oil

  • Helps in soothing the inflamed ears and ear tissue
  • Clear of pathogens in the passage that links the middle ear to the respiratory system 
  • Eliminates toxins and dissolves uric acid
  • Helps to relax and remain focused
  • Helps to cope up with anxiety better
  • Treating earaches caused due to an imbalance of air pressure

Make sure you never drop the pure form of essential oil directly in your ear as it can cause negative effect on the sensory organ. Dilute with a carrier oil then use it but still, you cannot drop the oil in ears. Apply the diluted form around the ears, earlobe and neck.

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