Essential Oils for Energy

Don’t feel like doing anything? Feeling super lazy? Too exhausted even before doing some work? Lack of energy might be the reason. Caffeine or intake of supplements is not gonna boost your energy in the right sense. It will just charge you up for some time but to stay energized all the time, you have to think of some healthy and effective solution. How about trying essential oils?

Wondering how this will be helpful in boosting your energy? After being known as a powerful natural remedy to fight acne, nourish skin, reducing hair loss, anxiety, and dry eyes, the essential oil is now also a known remedy for pumping up energy. It elevates your senses, makes you feel refreshed, and brings back the lost energy.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.


How does it work?

There are lot many things to uplift your energy but the natural choice works the best. According to research, essential oil possesses health benefits that have a number of positive effects on the body like maintaining blood pressure, heart rate, and stress level.

You can inhale by putting the blend of essential oil and carrier oil in a diffuser or can apply it topically on areas that affect the mood and causes stress. The soothing aromatherapy transforms the mood and makes you feel fresh and active. Use it daily as it can have a great psychological effect. The energy-enhancing benefits of essential oil also keep you motivated and enthusiastic. Instead of getting high on energy in an unnatural way, you can go for the below essential oils to keep boosting your energy.

Orange essential oil

Rich in vitamin C, orange essential is an instant energy booster. This essential oil reduces stress and anxiety which is the main reason for fatigue. The bittersweet aroma of orange keeps you feeling refreshed while it also possesses antibacterial properties which is good for overall health. According to a study, citrus oil has a calming quality that fights stress. You can put this orange essential oil in a diffuser or sniff it directly. Blend orange essential oil with any suitable carrier oil for the best results. This oil also acts as a cleansing agent.

Lemon essential oil

Just like orange essential oil even lemon essential is a rich source of vitamin C. The citrus oil keeps you feeling energized all day long. It’s best to beat those lethargic moments of your day. Lemon essential oil helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It also aids in focusing better and the mystic aroma essence makes you feel refreshed and improves concentration. Just put the oil in a diffuser and see how laziness runs away. You can also put 1 or 2 drops of oil on a cotton ball or tissue and smell it to feel instantly energized. Lemon is best known as a healing solution and it is certainly therapeutically effective.

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Cinnamon essential oil

A spice that can actually boost your energy, Cinnamon essential oil will make you feel calm and soothe your senses. The increased blood flow creates a warming effect due to which your mind and body stay active and highly energetic Studies reveal that sluggishness caused due to a heavy meal or fatigue can be prevented with the use of cinnamon essential oil as it maintains the blood sugar level. It also improves the metabolism which again, as a result, boosts your energy level. The immune system is also maintained with cinnamon essential oil. Both cinnamon leaf and cinnamon bark essential oils have health benefits. You can simply use this aromatherapy with a room diffuser and see your energy getting pumped up instantly.

Rosemary essential oil

The smell of rosemary oil is just magical and so is its effect on your mood. It eliminates low energy and keeps your mood fresh and happy. It also increases the blood flow which improves the alertness. It reduces the sluggishness which you face during day time. Tension is relieved to a good extent. Apart from boosting energy, rosemary essential oil also helps in healthy digestion and proper functioning of the respiratory.

Peppermint essential oil

The fresh essence of peppermint is an instant mood changer. You are assured of a whole load of energy with peppermint essential oil. It eliminates the tiredness caused due to long hours of work. The strong smell of peppermint essential oil fights fatigue and effectively helps in improving concentration. You can directly sniff it from the bottle or use it with a diffuser. You can also apply it topically on the temples or on the back of the neck to keep your head cool. Peppermint also is mainly known for improving digestion health.

Juniper essential oil

Physical, mental, and emotional stress, everything gets eliminated with juniper essential oil. Just inhale this oil and see how your energy gets boosted. The scented smell of juniper essential oil brings warmth by improving the blood flow and thus eventually you stay energized. Juniper has just recently been found to be effective in improving energy levels.

Lavender essential oil

This is one essential oil with lots and lots of benefits. Lavender is often associated with relaxation and rejuvenation and hence it is considered to be the best essential oil to keep the energy level high. This aromatherapy keeps you positively motivated at work and reduces unnecessary stress and anxiety. The calming effects of lavender essential oil also help in improving concentration and sleep quality. You can try using it in a diffuser, inhaling, or directly applying it topically. Since lavender essential oil is mild, you can even use it without blending it with any carrier oil. Apply it on the temples on the inside part of the wrist.

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Basil essential oil

The traditional and ayurvedic ingredient, basil has a great effect on stress levels. Fatigue has a direct connection with the stress level, basil essential oil plays a vital role in cutting down the level of stress. It also reduces sluggishness and elevates focus. Simply inhale basil essential oil for energy as well as beauty benefits.

You can easily carry essential oil anywhere and boost your energy instantly. However, make sure the highly concentrated essential oils are blended well with any carrier oil to avoid any sort of negative effects.

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