PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Review

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Review – Latest Diffuser with Therapeutic Benefits

Spread the aromatic fragrance of nature around you with PureSpa essential oil diffuser. The unlimited benefits of aromatherapy and the splendid features of this aroma diffuser is certainly a no disappointment. The contemporary design makes it a perfect décor element for home and office. It is super easy to use and super soothing. It naturally purifies the aura, even without adding essential oil. The ionizer in PureSpa diffuser eradicates all the negative ions and instantly make the environment fresh and revitalises the mood.

Benefits of PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser

The natural power of aromatherapy is simply unbeatable and with PureSpa, the benefits get escalated. You are assured with purified and refreshing atmosphere around you.

  • One of the unique benefits of PureSpa is that it can be used with or without essential oil as it has an in-built natural aroma
  • With aromatherapy, the air gets moisturised which is suitable for breathing
  • Any kind of health issues like cold, flu, headache, asthma, congestion etc. gets naturally relieved
  • The fresh environment also helps to increase concentration and release stress
  • Harmful or unpleasant odours like tobacco smell, pet, cooking smell, gets deodorised with PureSpa diffuser
  • The best thing about PureSpa is its doubling feature as cool mist humidifier
  • It runs softly without any disturbance. You can peacefully work in office and relax at home by keeping PureSpa on around you

Product Features and Specifications

  • Like other eminent essential oil diffusers in the market, even PureSpa diffuser comes with colour changing LED lighting. The soft night glow instantly enhances the ambience of the room where it is placed
  • The product comes in white colour while the base colour changes to green, blue, red and purple and yellow
  • It is easy to use with just one button operating system
  • The aroma spreads around 250 sq. ft. area so its favourable for small or medium sized rooms
  • The fragrance added in the PureSpa last till 7 hours without refilling it
  • The three touch operation with one button works like: one touch – on the diffuser with no light, 2 touch for colour changing and 3 touch to keep the mist on and off the lighting
  • The ultra quietsound technology works awesome for soothing environment. It makes almost no sound, so you can use it for a restful sleep or to increase concentration at workplace
  • It requires power of 10-240V, 50/60Hz, 12W
  • It comes in a standard size holding 100 ml of water which run for long hours
  • PureSpa is made up of high quality plastic. It is BPA free

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