Pilgrim Anton Diffuser Review

Pilgrim Anton Diffuser Review -Modern and Attractive Aromatherapy

The contemporary, high-quality, compact, Pilgrim Anton Diffuser is one of the best-selling essential oil diffusers in the market. The Italian made aroma diffuser comes in a stylish modern design which also looks great as a home décor piece. With excellent features and attractive appearance, Pilgrim Anton Diffuser helps to rejuvenate your senses and make the aura around you fresh and aromatic.

The diffuser is made up of high-quality plastic which makes it resistant and even the most aggressive citrus flavoured essential oils can be used without worrying. The diffuser come in two base colors – red and blue. The lovely ambient LED lighting effect adds more charm to the diffuser. It features 7 changing colors – red, green, blue, yellow, white, orange and purple.

Amazing Features of Pilgrim Anton Diffuser                                                                            

Anton without any doubt is an awesome diffuser because of its bunch of features.

  • Anton is high in quality and in safety as it is BPA free
  • Anton is made up of special resistant plastic hence any aromatic flavor can be added without any issue
  • Th diffuser runs for a longer time due to its spacious water area. It can hold around 150ml of water
  • Ambient lighting can be adjusted as per your preference. You can off it when not needed
  • The light colors will keep on changing while diffuser works. Click 3 times to switch off the lighting
  • You can place the Anton diffuser anywhere at the home, office, spa, washroom. It comes with super long 72” power cord, so placement wouldn’t be an issue
  • The essential oil diffuser is small, elegant and clutter-free which makes it easy to operate
  • It is soft rubber painted for easy grip. It won’t slip from your hands
  • The pleasant smell not only makes the environment fresh, it also helps to kill germs, reduce dust and eliminate illness like cold and flu
  • This diffuser comes with a timer which means you can adjust the intensity of the aroma therapy as per your requirement. It automatically turns off after 8 hours, once the water level comes down
  • This product makes almost no noise. The whisper quiet fan does not any sort of disturbance, either when you are in work or in sound sleep
  • One of the unique and attention-grabbing feature of Anton essential oil diffuser is that it can generate 2 different aromatic fragrances, constantly at an interval of 30 seconds. You just need to press the button for 3 seconds and experience the transformation of mist of your choice

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