20 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

If you are the cat lady then you would surely appreciate the charm of a feline friendship. And, if you retrospect the bond shared by other cat owners and their kitty, it’s totally paw-inspiring – it’s clear that these creatures have a purr-suasive personality. 

It’s most amazing to be a cat parent. But are you acquainted with someone very opinionated or sassy or paw-shionable? Then you must be ready to surprise them with your refinement of selecting gifts for them.

Whether it’s your bestie, your sister, or anyone else, it can be quite tricky to catch up with their choices, as they could be pretty finicky. So we have some of the craziest ideas for your fav feline obsessives.

So here you go with the list of 20 gift ideas for insane cat lovers that are going to surely melt their hearts. So, stop thinking and start buying those right meow– ‘oops! Seems like I am caught up by the charisma of purr-ty little kitty’.

Kitty Night Lamp

Not necessarily your cat-lover needs to be an adult, your little niece or nephew could be a proud cat sis or bro. Be it their birthday party or a Christmas visit, an adorable night lamp that’s shaped like a big fluffy white cat for kitty-obsessed kids. 

Cat Print Glasses Case

Animal print glasses case: It may sound crazy but it’s true- cat owners have got refined taste just like these refined creatures. So if you know someone who possesses such sophistication, then animal print glasses and sunglasses cases would be an ideal gift item for them. Be it hard glass case, extra-large case, foldable case, or soft pouches, a dash of crazy cat prints on them would instantly make them fall in love with these.

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Cat T-shirts: Whether it’s a Pop culture-influenced ‘crazy cat lady’ image or you really know someone who loves being surrounded by litters of kittens, amazing cat print tees are a perfect gift item for them. Be it proud kitty mom or dad, vibrant cat tees are the all-time fav of these feline fanatics.

Cat mug: Coffee or tea mugs are one thing that’s inevitable in daily life. And, you can go absolutely rocking by gifting a cute cat-face mug to one of your office-goer friends. And, do not forget to alert your buddy to just be careful- these mugs are freakin’ paw-some anyone can swipe it off for themselves!

Kitty-carrying sweatshirt: Among the plethora of gift items this is aesthetically cool and quirky. This super-cozy sweatshirt with a cute kangaroo-pouch would surely entice your beloved cat-owner. We bet they’re gonna love to be their kitty’s personal uber!

Cat Earrings: If you are acquainted with someone who is fussy about their looks and prefers quirky yet chic fashion accessories, then you should go for stylish cat earrings. The sophisticated elegance of cat earrings makes for one sweet gift for all the cat-loving fashionistas.

Plush cat pillow: From Bedroom decor to cozy cuddler for your power naps, these plush cat pillows are delightful presents for cat lovers. This is definitely worth every penny you splurge on to get hold of purr-fect gifts for cat lovers, be it a kid or an adult.

Cat shower curtain: These cat print shower curtains are a perfect gift for those who have been planning for a stunning bathroom makeover. The pop of fun colors and kitty faces can bring a smile to anyone’s face. It looks insanely awesome and keeps the kitty vibe going even while taking a relaxing bath!

Cat-themed mat: Cats are not that guest-friendly. So, give your cat-lover friend a cat-themed mat that greets their guests. The cute cat faces and colorful design on these mats are just enough to add spark and bring positive vibes to their lives. Be sure they’re gonna love it!

Whisker backpack: A stylish backpack never outdated as an amazing gift item. And, if you are planning to gift someone who is a cat-lover and also travels often, then a cute whisker backpack would be perfect for them. These come with enough room to stash in all the travel essentials keeping hands free. So go ahead with these!

Interactive cat toy: Be it a puzzle box, multiple-hole rug, or a treehouse, interactive cat toys are a perfect gift for cat-lovers. Treehouses or rugs may sound bizarre, but these are great to keep their cats busy and playful. And, of course, cat-owners would love to spoil their kitty with these. 

Cat scratcher: Cats love scratching as that helps sharpen their claws and relieve stress. Hence, if you know someone who is a die-heart cat lover, then you can give this. They would be more than happy to save their house stuff from the paws of their four-pawed furry friend.  

Cat bed: Cats are quite snazzy and love a comfy place to relax. If you are wondering what’s one thing you can give to a cat-lover you are familiar with, then a puff bed or a kip is the best bet. The furry four-pawed member would love it and so would their parents. Give it a shot as these are some of the popular gift items.

Fancy cat collar: Whether a Christmas gift or simply a present for your cat-lover bestie, a charming bow tie cat collar with a bell is something that is way fancier than anything else. These are soft and comfy and come with an unbreakable buckle. We bet it’s one of the stand-out gift choices for all feline-lovers!

Self-cleaning litter box: Scooping litter is the worst chore ever. It’s icky and messy and hence, gifting a cat-lover with this self-cleaning litter box is worth your investment. It prevents paw-full ‘cat-smell’ from engulfing the house and allows cat-parent to relax a bit. 

Cat carrier: Pet parents who are travel freak often laments over being separated from their kitty. And, it’s probably the worst thing in the world for them. If you want to make an impression, then gift a travel fanatic feline-lover a stylish pet carrier that meets all airline requirements. And, so you can say… They traveled happily ever after!

Automatic feeder: Though cat-owners don’t prefer traveling without their kitty, they can’t bring them everywhere. Like for office tours, it’s a big ‘NO-NO’, right? That’s when an automatic feeder can be of help and truly a great gift for them. It comes with a built-in digital timer, voice recording, LCD, and programmed feed that makes feeding them without their parents around hassle-free. 

Wine bottle holder: If your cat-lover friend is also obsessed with home decor then there are plenty of things to gift them. Besides cat-shaped planters, cushion covers, string lights, and cat-shaped Himalayan salt candles, a wine bottle holder could be a great gift for them. No matter whether there’s wine in it or not, a quirky cat wine holder at their counter would be perfect to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their room. And, definitely it’s gonna keep the bottle tidy as well!

Cat stamp rolling pins: If baking is bliss for one of your colleagues or friend or your sister who also has a cat, then there is nothing better than these cat stamp rolling pins to gift them with. Whether making pies, cookies, or rolling it over an icing sheet for a cake, this is truly an impressive item for all the baker cat-parents out there!

Two-in-one laser and wand: Laser pointer can be frustrating for cats. So, if you really want to give something exciting to your cat-lover friend then the cat laser and wand combo is a perfect gift item for them. 

If you are up for an exquisite appreciation from your loved ones, then our list of surprising modernist gift items is an ideal choice for you. They are super chic and classy and reflect your fabulous sense of creativity. Impress your cat-lady or kitty-dad with one of these items and make every occasion special!

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