Cat Age Chart: Cat Years to Human Years

The age of your cat is important because it is a good indicator of the overall health of your cat.

There are many reasons why you should know the age of your cat, but one good reason is that it can help you determine if it’s time for a veterinary appointment.

The difference between humans and cats is that cats age much more quickly than humans.

Cats live for about 15 years on average, while humans can live for about 80 years.

Cats age at a faster rate because they are more susceptible to diseases and their cells regenerate more quickly than human cells.

Cats have six life stages:

Kitten: Age 0-6 Months

During their first six months of life, they grow rapidly, learning and exploring the world around them. In this time period, kittens are still not sexually mature but they have already developed a unique personality that will stay with them throughout their lives. From socializing to proper nutrition, it is important for owners to understand how to care for their kitten during this life stage so that they can ensure a healthy transition into adulthood.


Age: 7 months–2 years

At this stage, they reach their full size and learn how to live in the world.


Age: 3–6 years

Most cats are mature physically and behaviorally by this age, and are usually still healthy & active, looking sleek and shiny (although they may be slowing down) and making the best of life.


Age: 7–10 years

The cat is considered to be ‘mature’, which is equivalent to a human in their mid-forties to mid-fifties.


Age: 11–14 years

Cats often start showing signs of aging at this stage in their life, such as developing more white fur.

Super Senior:

Age: 15 years and over

At this stage, your goal is to keep her fit and healthy for as long as possible.

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Cat Age Chart

How do cats age?

There is a popular misconception that cats age seven times faster than humans. This means that one year for a cat is equivalent to seven years for a human.

But according to American Animal Hospital Association, ageing in cats tends to be more rapid during the first two years of their life.

Cats reach the approximate human age of 15 by the time they are one year old, and 24 by the time they are two years old.

Every year after their second birthday, a cat will age approximately four years in human units.

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Cat Age Table (Cat Years to Human Years)

How old is my cat?

The table below is a chart that shows the approximate age of a cat in human years.

Cat AgeAge in Human Years
0-1 Month0-1 Year
2 Months2 Years
3 Months4 Years
4 Months6 Years
5 Months8 Years
6 Months10 Years
7 Months12 Years
12 Months15 Years
18 Months21 Years
2 Years24 Years
3 Years28 Years
4 Years32 Years
5 Years36 Years
6 Years40 Years
7 Years44 Years
8 Years48 Years
9 Years52 Years
10 Years56 Years
11 Years60 Years
12 Years64 Years
13 Years68 Years
14 Years72 Years
15 Years76 Years
16 Years80 Years
17 Years84 Years
18 Years88 Years
19 Years92 Years
20 Years96 Years
21 Years100 Years
22 Years104 Years
23 Years108 Years
24 Years112 Years
25 Years116 Years

Did you know?

  • Indoor cats typically live longer than outdoor cats and have a life expectancy of about 10 to 15 years.
  • Cats develop at a faster pace than humans do: cat’s first year is similar to the first 15 years of human life.
  • Creme Puff was the oldest cat in history, living to the age of 38.
  • When kittens are around 3 weeks old, they’ll start to take their first wobbly steps.
  • Cats can sexually mature as early as four months of age and can get pregnant. But a female cat should not be allowed to breed before she reaches her adult size.

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