These 6 Essential Oils Keep Skin Glowing From the Inside Out

A beautiful face is not always a combination of eye-catching features or attained by applying make-up. Every face is beautiful in its own natural way but rejuvenating the skin and keeping it healthy is the secret for glowing skin. A good skin care routine is enough to keep your face as gorgeous as ever. The goodness and magic of essential oil is ideal for keeping your face glowing and flawless.

Essential oils help to fights acne, reduce dryness, retain moisture, keeps skin clear and also acts as an anti-aging solution.

Some more benefits of essential oils:

  • Helps to reduce scars and inflammation
  • The anti-fungal properties of few essential oils prevent the growth of fungi
  • The antioxidant properties of few essential oils wipe out the free radicals
  • Elevates blood circulation that helps your face look clean and clear
  • Reduces the damage on the skin caused due to sun
  • Also reduces the oxidative stress
  • Fights against fine lines and wrinkles
  • The antiseptic properties maintain the balance between oily and dry skin

You have to choose the oil that best suits your skin type and gradually notice the wonders it does to your facial skin. The results are absolutely amazing.

How to apply essential oil on your face?

It is always advised that essential oil shouldn’t be used in its raw form, that is, it’s better not to directly apply it on your face.

Use it as face oil – The best way to use essential oil is by diluting it. Mix it with any carrier oil and then apply it on your face. You can also mix it with water/rose water.

Make a face pack – You can also apply essential oil on your face by adding a few drops of oil in a favourable face mask.

There are myriads of essential oils available in the market but it’s not viable or even useful to try out each and every essential oil. Analyse your skin type and skin needs and check out from the below list that which would work the best for you:

Lavender Essential Oil

Suitable for all skin types and skin needs. Lavender essential oil is an ideal choice as it has great benefits and smells wonderful. Whether it is to fight acne, reduces scars and skin irritation or simply get rid of dry skin, this essential oil is simply the best. According to a study, lavender essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties which reduce discoloration of the skin and helps to restore the natural skin tone and add more brightness to your face.

This oil also kills bacteria, retains the moisture content in the skin and is extremely soothing. Not to forget, lavender essential oil also improves blood circulation.

For best results dilute the essential oil with coconut oil and apply to on your face. You can also blend it with aloe vera gel.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

An essential oil with numerous properties like anti-oxidants, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anticonvulsant, astringent makes your face look wonderful. Clary Sage Oil eliminates the bacteria that cause pimples, inflammation on the face. This essential oil is extracted from the leaves and blossoms of clary sage that soothes your skin. It is also very effective in healing hormonal acne. This oil can also be used as an anti-aging facial pack as it helps in fighting fine lines and controls premature wrinkles.

You can mix it with aloe vera gel or shea butter to make an anti-aging face pack. Dilute it with a carrier oil like with simple distill water or coconut oil. Other favorable carrier oils like jojoba, almond, argan or olive oil can also be blended with clary sage essential oil and applied on the face in a night and wash in the morning.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon has always been known for its amazing effect on acne skin, similarly, lemon essential with its antiseptic properties helps to kill the pimple-causing germs and make your face look flawless as ever. It also eradicates the excess oil that blocks the pores and causes blackheads. Lemon essential oil acts as a natural detoxifier that cleanses the skin and lightens your skin tone. Applying lemon essential oil on your face also eliminates the radicals that show the signs of aging. The aromatic oil naturally nourishes your skin and keeps it hydrated.

You can dilute lemon essential oil and safflower oil and massage it on your face and neck before sleeping at night. Wash it off next day and notice the gradual change for yourself.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Known from the ancient times, sandalwood essential oil is incredible oil with incredible benefits. It helps in the treatment of various skin conditions like acne, rashes and boils. This essential oil is very effective in reducing skin inflammation. According to a recent study, sandalwood essential oil demonstrates anti-cancer effects. It positively helps in reducing the risk of skin cancer. Sandalwood essential oil also carries anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

For efficient skin care dilute sandalwood essential oil with almond oil and lemon oil. Massage it on your face and just keep it for 30 minutes and wash it off.

Neroli Essential Oil

For acne-prone skin, neroli essential oil is highly recommended. Since neroli essential oil is extracted from the flower of orange fruit, it possesses the blend of both citric and floral fragrance. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make this essential oil favorable for oily skin as it removes the excess oil and retains the natural moisture. Neroli rejuvenates the skin and brings back the elasticity. It removes the pores without making the skin feel dry.

Mix neroli essential oil with rose water and fresh aloe vera and just use it every day on your face to get the best results.

Pomegranate Essential Oil

The healthy fruit is simply amazing for a gorgeous face. Pomegranate essential oil with its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties frees the radicals, relieves the face from acne problem, prevents the wrinkles and sign of aging. This essential oil is best suited for dry and sensitive skin as it keeps the skin hydrating.

You can blend pomegranate essential oil with any carrier oil like jojoba oil along with rosehip, lavender and carrot seed oil.

Essential oil is no more a beauty secret. Tackle your skincare issues in the most natural way and get the glow you always desired.

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