Discover the Best Essential Oils for Wrinkles

Get rid of the naturally appearing wrinkles in the most natural way!

Nobody grows old without wrinkles, it’s the natural sign of aging as the skin loses its elasticity and breaks down.

Wrinkles appear all over the face, forehead, eyes, and lips.

Don’t you wish to age gracefully?

The market is flooded with anti-aging products, Right creams to moisturizers, gels to serums, there are myriads of choices but all of them are mostly chemical based.

If you wish to go the natural way, don’t worry there is an incredible and time-tested alternative – Essential oils.

The aromatic essential oils have been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Essential oils can just work wonders on your skin, it has a plethora of benefits.

Not just an anti-aging remedy, the essential oil can also benefit your skin in a number of other ways:

  • Enhance collagen
  • Make your skin tone even
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Reduces scars and acne
  • Boost skin cell turnover
  • Prevents drying by retaining moisture
  • Removes extra oil

Now let’s focus on the essential oils that work the best for fighting the early signs of aging and wrinkles.

How to choose an essential oil for wrinkles?

Oils with anti-oxidant properties are ideal to reduce wrinkles.

It controls the free radicals which is the reason for the breakdown of tissues.

Antioxidants also trigger collagen production which rejuvenates the skin cells and smoothens the fine lines and also brings back the natural youthful glow.

Here is the list of best essential oils that helps to reduce wrinkles in an all-natural way:

Lemon Essential Oil

Essential oil rich in vitamin C, lemon is very effective in reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

With powerful anti-oxidant properties, lemon essential oil eliminates oxidative damage and also reduces damage caused to your skin due to the sun.

It helps in exfoliating the skin which prevents in developing wrinkles.

But, be aware that lemon essential oil is phototoxic. If you apply it and go out in the sun, it can burn your skin.

So using it in the daytime, it is better to apply it before sleeping.

You can make it a part of your skin cleansing routine.

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Clary Sage Essential Oil

The evergreen, sweet-smelling aromatic clary sage essential oil with anti-oxidant properties helps in preventing DNA and proteins that can get damaged by free radicals.

The oil extracted from the leaves and blossom tops of clary sage ideally removes the fine lines from the face and neck.

It tightens the pores and also prevents premature wrinkles.

Clary sage essential oil also contains anti-microbial and antiseptic properties that make it more beneficial for your skin.

Your face may also look aged due to dark circles and large pores, these essential oils naturally clear that too.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

According to a current study, carrot seed essential oil contains anti-oxidant properties and is full of beta carotene which helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is suitable for all skin types, also sensitive skin. It also nourishes dry skin and stops the breakdown of healthy cells that cause wrinkles.

Carrot seed essential oil also helps in repairing and hydrating the skin. It has a very strong smell and even a small amount can work great on your skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil

The distinctively flavored herb with the goodness of anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties, rosemary essential oil protects the skin from free radicals, maintains the elasticity of the skin, keeps it moisturized, minimizes inflammation, and most importantly reduces the signs of aging.

Just a drop of rosemary essential oil in your daily skin routine will bring the change you expect. This essential oil is also good for circulation.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Having the essence of Middle Esat and India, frankincense essential oil is effective in reducing all the signs of aging which includes wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks.

It helps in generating new cells and makes skin glow. Frankincense essential oil also makes the skin firm and improves skin tone.

You can simply mix it with natural moisturizer and apply it on your skin on a daily basis for the best results.

Apricot Essential Oil

Apricot essential oil is a topical anti-aging solution. It extraordinarily prevents your skin from the signs of aging.

The oil is made from the seeds of apricot which contain a high level of linoleic and oleic acids which keeps the skin fresh and clear.

Its natural ingredients make it favorable for sensitive skin too. The fatty acids present in apricot oil produce oils which are ideal for dry skin. Blend it with the right carrier oil like grapeseed oil for additional skin benefits.

Lavender Essential Oil

The all-time favorite and suitable for all skin types and skin problems, lavender essential oil carries a high level of anti-oxidant properties that prevent oxidative stress and fight the free radicals that damage the skin.

This aromatic essential also rejuvenates tired skin and makes your skin look younger than your age. It efficiently reduces wrinkles and fine lines and helps your skin glow.

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Rose Essential Oil

The sweet aromatic rose essential oil shows great potential to reduce wrinkles.

This oil is rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties that altogether help your skin to stay healthy and youthful.

Apply it on a daily basis and witness no more dull skin.

Other ways to prevent premature wrinkles

  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Don’t spend extensive time in the sun
  • Consume anti-oxidant-rich food
  • Avoid smoking

Best Carrier Oils

It is very essential to mix the essential oil with carrier oil before applying it to the skin. Dilute the essential oil with any of the carrier oil below to fight wrinkles:

  • Coconut oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Almond oil
  • Avocado oil and
  • Olive oil  

Right Blend:

In the case of normal skin mix 6 to 15 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil while in the case of sensitive skin mix 3 to 5 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

If you think essential oil doesn’t suit your skin or is causing irritation or you are allergic then it is wise to consult your doctor.

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